Borlagdan, Padrigon, Basbas win children’s story writing contest

“Kan Pinahali Si Tabi Sa Kahadean Kan Ugali” by Jaime Jesus Borlagdan of Tabaco, Albay, “Aninoni Nino” by PeyjPadrigon of Iriga City, and “KapistahankanBulan” by Ofero Basbas of Naga City were declared winners of Kabulig-Bikol’s Usipon Pan-Aki Writing Contest 2019.

These three stories were picked out as winning pieces from among 18 children’s stories written in different varieties of Bikol that were submitted as contest pieces.

The first prize winning piece is a rhythmic fable about using the Bikol word for ‘please,’ tabi. Note the cadence and rhyme in the first two lines: Warangdainakakamidbid kay Tabisakahadeankan Ugali. Ta sakahadeankan Ugali siTabi an hadi.

Aninoni Nino is about a boy who would rather play with a flashlight to cast shadows on the wall because he does not want his friends to see his disfigured face. Kapistahan is an ecological story about fireflies who were carried off by a strong wind to a mysterious and filthy place.

This Children’s Short Story Writing Contest is the second competition sponsored by Kabulig. In 2018, the writers’ organization sponsored a poetry writing contest on the theme of Girok: Erotika, the title of its first published book.

Other pieces that caught the judges’ attention were “Si CerinaAsin an KulayBulangiw Na Sira” because of its seascape setting and ecological theme, “Si Aselaasin an Takuring” for its playful use of sound, “An MakangangalasnaAparador” on how a child views an ordinary thing as magical, “An AlkansyaniAtoy,” “Si Kring-Kring An PambihirangKuting,” and “Kurob,” a nascent science fiction story. Some of these, however, were not appropriate for the target audience of 6 to 9-year old children or exceeded the word limit as spelled out in the contest rules. On the other hand, some are worth publishing as single books or as part of an anthology.KabuligBikol Inc. will provide assistance to the writers for the possible publication of the best works.

Cash prizes, trophies, and books will be awarded to the winners in a program on February 25, 2019, at Arabica café, from 3 to 5 pm. Excerpts from the stories will be performed.Tickets are available from any member of Kabulig-Bikol, Inc, Marissa Redburn, Frank Penones, Doods Santos, Esting Jacob, Jerome Hipolito, Elbert Baeta, and Aldy Manrique. Poets Niles Jordan Breis and EmmanBarrameda will also take their oath as new members of Kabulig.

Kabulig-Bikol, Inc. is a non-profit non-government organization dedicated to supporting and promoting Bikol arts and culture. Kabulig, meaning one who shares or helps in an endeavor, has been the most sustained Bikol literary organization in the last decade and has produced and supported many of the present crop of writers actively writing in the Bikol languages. The names of the organization and its members are now inscribed in the second edition of the CCP Encyclopedia. – Doods M. Santos