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16 anyos nag-suicide huli sa makuring pungaw

SORSOGON CITY (Bicol Standard)-- Tinapos na lugod kan 16 anyos na estudiante an saiyang buhay nin huli sa labi-labing problema sa pamilya na nasalakan pa nin mga lagapak na marka sa pag eskwela sa Irosin, Sorsogon.

Mantang tagob nin problema an saiyang buhay, ipinahayag niya an saiyang maludok na pagmundo sa saiyang Facebook account, na an pinaka ultimong mensahe antes na magpatiwakal iyo an mga tataramon na "Yawkunapar, Loveyouall", na an gustong sabihon "Ayaw ku na Par, I love you all."

Nagluwas an post na ini alas 2:30 nin hapon, alagad an saiyang gadan nang lawas nadiscubre alas 4:30 nin hapon, kan sarong aldaw.

Sabi kan imbestigador kadakol na mga pig post sa Fb na mensaha an 16 anyos na estudiante, antes mag suicide, arog kan "Ama, Yan yoong meron ako pero wala sa sa tabi ko". Ina, yan yong meron sila na wala ako".

Naaraman sa report kan imbestigador na mayo nang magurang an biktima asin an nag aataman iyo an saiyang lola.

Pig plano talaga kan biktima si saiyang pag suicide, ta igwa siya kan siring na mga posts: ‘’Im just waiting for my death, Im tired, seriously’’ at ‘’Someday, pagpupuyatan niyo din ako, di man ngayon pero sa burol ko.’’

Bokal Noble guilty sa casong inaatubang sa Sandiganbayan

NAGA CITY—Inako ni Board Member Emmanuel Haber Noble na guilty siya o may sala sa dai pag liquidate kan mga gastos sa travel asin cash advances na nagtotao nin kantidad P169,101.50 kan 2016.

Ini an declarasyon ni Noble sa Sandiganbayan, na iyo an nagbista kan casong isinangat contra saiya.

Base sa desisyon kan Sandiganbayan na may fecha Enero 24, an 7th Division nagpaluwas nin desisyon na "convicted si Noble' sa paglabas sa Sec 89 kan PD 1445 asin dai mag comple kan accountable officer na mag render cuenta kan saiyang kinuang cuarta sa gobierno.

Kinastigo siya nin multang kantidad P3,000, asin may subsidiary imprisonment kun mayo siyang ikabayad kan sinambit na kantidad.

Si Noble enot na kinasohan sa Sandiganbayan nin Malversation of public funds.

Nag recibe siya nin total na cash advances na kantidad P444,477.50, kan siya board member kan Camarines Sur. Alagad, dai siya nag account kan kantidad P169,101.50, apisar kan pirang beses siyang pinag avisohan na bayadan an sinambit na kantidad.

Durante kan hearing kan Nov 16, 2018, an kampo ni Noble nag informar sa Sandiganbayan na igwa siya nin Certification hale sa Commission on Audit na binayadan na niya an "unliquidated cash advances kan Sept 2, 2014 pa.

Itinakod niya an separadong certification hale sa Office of the Provincial Accountant kan Camarines Sur na ibinalik na niya an kantidad P444,477.50 sa bale duwang pago.

Naghagad si Noble na magkaigwa nin plea bargaining agreement sa prosecution, na inaprobaran man ni Ombudsman Samuel Martires, karibay kan saiyang pag ako kan saiyang kasala asin kahagadan na kastigohon sa mas hababa na kaso.

An Sandiganbayan na naintindihan na entero nin Noble an consequencia kan saiyang re-arraignment, na kun saen sinasabi na an saiyang pakimaherak dapat apreciaron afabor saiya nin huli ta ini nangyari antes na mag presentar nin evidencia an prosecution.

Kontento an jusgado na naintindihan na maray kan akusado an clase asin consequencia kan saiyang pakimaherak. Huli kaini nag sugo an Sandiganbayan na ribayan an plea ni Noble sa sa mas hababa na crimen, na iyo an ibugtak sa record kan mga caso na sindang inaatubang.

Si Associate Justice Ma. Theresa Dolores Gomez- Estoesta iyo an nagsurat kan desisyon asin nag oyon sinda Asscociate Justices Zaldy Trespeces asin Georgina Hidalgo.

PNP-V bags Rafael Crame Balangay Awards


LEGAZPI CITY--The Police Regional Office (PRO)-5 (Bicol Region) bagged two BGen. Rafael T. Crame Balangay Awards and three "finalist" recognitions during the awarding ceremony at Camp Crame in Quezon City on Monday.

The Camarines Norte Police Provincial Office and the Viga Municipal Police Station in Catanduanes were among the 10 winners that each received the grand prize of PHP400,000 and a trophy.

Meanwhile, the Sorsogon Police Provincial Office, Sorsogon City Police Station and Bulan Municipal Police Station were among the 10 finalists that received PHP200,000 each and a certificate of recognition.

Senior Insp. Malu Calubaquib, PRO5 spokesperson, said the award is given to those who support and contribute in the implementation of the Philippine National Police's (PNP) programs and thrust.

She said the police in the grassroots are in a position to create a noticeably good image of the PNP in the eyes of the public and strengthen a positive public perception of “Pulis na Respetado, Responsable at Disiplinado (Policemen who are respected, responsible and disciplined)”.

“Their involvement in strengthening the morale of men and women in uniform in the performance of their sworn duties and in their exceptional commitment in creating harmonious and effective police-community partnership in the maintenance of peace and order and public safety,” won the recognition for the winners, Calubaquib said.

“Chief Supt. Arnel Escobal, regional director, commended the awardees for demonstrating commitment and dedication towards their sworn duties,” she also said.

Escobal also enjoined the men and women of PRO-5 to “continue working with the same zeal towards the attainment of a safer Bikol to live, work and do business”, Calubaquib said.

The criteria for the BGen. Rafael T. Crame Balangay Awards include: Unit performance rating; Remarkable improvements in the index and non-index crimes; Crime solution efficiency and crime clearance efficiency; significant accomplishments in the execution of the enhanced managing police operations; Internal driven operations; Internal cleansing and campaign against illegal drugs; Practice/adherence to community service-oriented policing; and recovery and wellness programs. (PNA)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Watch out for kissable but poisonous lips

QUEZON CITY--Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a toxic chemical tracker has revealed that some lipsticks are laden with hazardous substances way above permissible trace amounts.

The EcoWaste Coalition cautioned lipstick lovers against putting on lip color from adulterated and misbranded lipsticks that can expose them to lead and other chemical poisons that are harmful to human health.

The group gave a word of warning about poison lipsticks after screening 115 samples, representing 11 brands, for heavy metal contaminants using an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analytical device.

The group bought the samples for P10 to P50 each from cosmetic vendors in Baclaran, Cubao, Divisoria and Quiapo on February 5, 7 and 8. None of the samples are notified or registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Out of 115 samples, 61 (53 percent) were found to contain lead concentrations above the 20 parts per million (ppm) limit under the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD). Of the 61 lead-laden samples, 41 contained lead above 1,000 ppm, with levels ranging from 1,026 to 44,800 ppm.

“The levels of lead in these lipsticks are way beyond the permissible limit and, without a shred of doubt, a serious safety concern. Teen girls and adult women should avoid these poison lipsticks as lead, a cumulative toxicant, can build up in the body over time with frequent application of such lipsticks. There is no safe level of lead exposure,” said Thony Dizon, Chemical Safety Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition.

Aside from lead, some samples also screened positive for mercury (32 samples), arsenic (53 samples), and cadmium (10 samples) in excess of the ACD’s trace amount limits for these heavy metals (1 ppm for mercury, and 5 ppm for both arsenic and cadmium).

According to toxicologist Dr. Erle Castillo of the Medical Center Manila and the Philippine Society of Clinical and Occupational Toxicology (PSCOT): “The human body has no use for these toxic metals, which are harmful even at low levels of exposure and can cause a host of health problems, including damage to the brain and the central nervous system, hormonal changes and menstrual irregularities, infertility in both women and men, birth defects, as well as cancer.”

Avoiding poison lipsticks and other cosmetics laden with hazardous substances will also protect the environment from being contaminated with chemicals that are washed down the drain, which can harm fish and other marine organisms, the EcoWaste Coalition pointed out.

Samples of Qianxiu lipstick and imitation MAC lipstick topped the list of products with dangerously high concentrations of lead, and some of which were among those submitted by the EcoWaste Coalition to the FDA last September 2018 for product verification and appropriate regulatory action

Topping the list of lipsticks per variant with the highest levels of lead contaminant include:

1. Qianxiu Hello Kitty #01 (pink canister), 44,800 ppm
2. MAC Mariah Carey #02 (brown canister), 38,900 ppm
3. Qianxiu Hello Kitty #10 (black canister), 28,700 ppm
4. MAC Mariah Carey #06 (red canister), 12,600 ppm
5. Qianxiu Unicorn #10, 11,900 ppm
6. MAC Zacposen Rudy Woo #12, 9,571 ppm
7. MAC Charm Red Lips Rudy Woo #12, 8,788 ppm
8. Qianxiu Fashion #01, 6,013 ppm
9. Baby Lips Perfect Match, 3,187 ppm
10. Monaliza Series #10, 1,808 ppm

As these adulterated and misbranded lipsticks are imported, the EcoWaste Coalition urged the government to strengthen border controls to prevent the entry of such cosmetics.

“We also think that national and local government agencies should conduct nonstop law enforcement activities, including on-the-spot confiscation of contraband items and preventive closure of erring business establishments, to rid the market of toxic cosmetics,” Dizon said.

There may be a need for the next Congress to enact a Special Law on Counterfeit Cosmetics imposing heavy fines and penalties that will make it unprofitable for manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers to engage in such business, he added.

PHOTO | Free wheelchairs

SM City Naga Mall Manager Jeannette De Vera gladly receives five brand new wheelchairs from Rotary Club of Naga President Marie Ann Delloro on a simple turn over last January 22 at the mall’s event center. Such wheelchairs are intended for PWD customers for their mobility and accessibility in the mall.

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