Broadcasting from Facebook: a new trend in Bicol

NAGA CITY, September 26 (Bicol Standard)—Radio broadcasters across the Bicol region are discovering a new way to connect to listeners: through social media.

Left: Grace Inocentes, Right: Mark Kevin Arroco
Since the launch of Facebook Live last April, local media personalities have been harnessing the feature to deliver content to audiences from across the globe.

Among them is RMN DWNX’s Grace Inocentes, who says that Facebook allows her to reach viewers who would otherwise be unable to tune in to her broadcast, because of the limits of local radio signals.

For instance, during the recent Penafrancia fiesta, many of her Facebook friends from outside Bicol were grateful for the live feed.

Inocentes hosts programs on said radio station alongside Ed Ventura.

Also taking advantage of this platform is BBS-DWLV’s Oscar Esmenda, who said that with Facebook, the audience is able to not only hear, but also see the broadcaster.

“Facebook has become a way for us broadcasters to establish a more personal and deeper connection with our audience,” he remarked.

Other radio personalities from Bicol who broadcast live feeds of their programs are Mark Kevin Arroco of Zagitsit News FM, Edgar Tumangan of Wow Smile Radio Sorsogon, Vince Villar of Idol FM, Jun Alegre, station manager of Zagitsit News FM, Edison Bordeos of Brigada, and Edwin Lara of BBS-DWLV, among several others. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)


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