Wikipedia launches Rinconada photo contest

Wikipedia Takes Rinconada is a photograph and video scavenger hunt inspired by Wikipedia Takes the City to be conducted in the City of Iriga and in municipalities in the 5th District of the province of Camarines Sur. It aims to capture landmarks and cultural icons of the district collectively known as Rinconada which is home to over 500,000 Rinconada Bikol speakers.

How to Join

Participants must form a team of three (3) members and they should represent a local government unit (LGU), organization, school, company or an institution based within the 5th district of Camarines Sur.

Participants must be equipped with basic photography skills and a DLSR or digital camera.
Each member must create an account in the Wikimedia Commons website ( using his/her alias or legal name.

Each member must upload/donate to Wikipedia, thru Wikimedia Commons website, at least three (3) new photographs or videos, which he/she has personally taken using a DSLR or digital camera, about Rinconada district or the organization, school, company, institution or LGU that he/she is representing.

Each photograph or video must contain 1-3 sentences description in either English, Bikol or Rinconada language, and be categorized under: “Wikipedia Takes Rinconada”, the name of the team (e.g. “Team LGU Iriga”), the location where the photograph or video was taken (e.g. “Iriga City, 
Camarines Sur”)

Using their respective Facebook account, team members must subscribe or Like the official Facebook pages of the event and the community: “Wikipedia Takes Rinconada” and “Rinconada Bikol Wikipedia”

Applicants shall be notified thru their Wikimedia Commons account Talk Page if their team qualified in the competition.

Teams shall be selected based on the basic photography skills and familiarity with uploading media (e.g. images, audios, videos) in the website of the applicants.

Registration fee for qualified participants is PHP300.00 per team, inclusive of three (3) souvenir shirts and kits.

Period of application is until 11:59 midnight on November 30, 2015 (Monday).

Guidelines and Mechanics


Seven to twenty (7 - 20) teams shall be selected among the applicants.

Applicants who are not selected may participate in a Bikol Rinconada Wikipedia lecture-workshops scheduled on December 19, 2015 (Saturday) and December 27, 2015 (Sunday).

Schedule: The photography hunt is divided into two rounds:

On the First Round, teams are given half day to take as many photographs and videos of the subjects in the List of Goals within the City of Iriga.

On the Second Round, teams are given a 6-day period to complete the List of Goals within the municipalities of Baao, Balatan, Bato, Bula, Buhi and Nabua.

Photo Hunting:

Participants are encouraged to travel using public transportation. Fare will be shouldered by the team.
Members may not work together at some point or team up with other participants or teams during the entire activity, however only the photographs and videos gathered by respective members will be credited to the team.


Significance of the subjects - Only public buildings, religious structures and educational institutions with historical and cultural significance; relevant establishments, notable locals and people; and picturesque nature should be photographed.

Quality of shots - High resolution, focused, proper framing and exposure are the basic requirements for the photographs to earn points. Here are some tips on improving your building photography.
Source - Photographs must be taken with the same camera used by the team during the entire duration of the competition.


Significance of the subjects - Actual activities, performance and rendition of a person of cultural significance should be captured in video.

Quality of clips - High resolution, focused, proper framing and 15—60 seconds in length are the basic requirements for the videos to earn points.

Source - Videos must be taken with the same camera used by the team during the entire duration of the competition.


Only photographs and videos which the participants wish to contribute (under Creative Commons) in Wikimedia Commons will be credited to their team.

Photographs and videos must be uploaded by the team members using their respective usernames within the given period of time.

During the First Round, teams will be given until 3:00PM to upload the photographs.

During the Second Round, teams will be given a 6-day period to upload the photographs.
At least 3 sentences background information (either in English, Bikol Sentral, Rinconada Bikol or Tagalog) about the subject must be provided as a description of the photograph or video.

Teams earn two points (2 pts) for each subject covered. An additional one point (1 pt) is earned for various shots on each item or different subjects.

Top 3 teams with the most number of combined points earned in the two Rounds wins the competition.

A special prize will be given to the team with the most unique photographs/videos among teams with a minimum of 150 media uploads.

Cash Prizes
1st Prize - PHP7,500.00 shall be awarded to the team with the highest earned points
2nd Prize - PHP4,500.00 shall be awarded to the team with the 2nd highest earned points
3rd Prize - PHP3,000.00 shall be awarded to the team with the 3rd highest earned points
Special Prize - PHP3,000.00 shall be awarded to the team with the most number of unique subjects covered


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