Whistleblower Sandra Cam woos Bicolanos for 2016 polls

NAGA CITY—Whistleblower and senatoriable Sandra Cam went live on radio station BBS-DWLV here this morning to ask her fellow Bicolanos for their help in the 2016 polls.

Bicolana senatoriable Sandra Cam in Naga City
Bicolana senatoriable Sandra Cam in Naga City

Cam, who is a native of Batuan, Masbate, rose to fame after exposing several scams involving public officials and agencies.

Among these are the jueteng scandal, the presence of illegal drugs and high-powered firearms at the Bureau of Corrections, and the escape of the Reyes brothers via the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

An advocate of women’s rights, she also uncovered the sex for flight scandal which victimized several female Overseas Filipino Workers in the Middle East.


More recently, the fearless Masbatena said she has obtained information that would shed light on the infamous tanim-bala scheme at NAIA, which has been going on since 2012.

“Mayroon po akong hawak na dalawang taxi driver na medyo takot pang lumutang…Sabi po nila, 90% ng nagkakaroon ng tanim bala, sa taxi nakasakay. Kasabwat ang taxi drivers na maglalagay ng bala. Hindi na po sila nag-aantay ng porter na magbuhat ng maleta. Tinitip nila sa sekyu na kasabwat,” she narrated.

“This month around 1200 ang sabi ng OTS nakitaan nila ng bala.
Around 50 lang ang nakasuhan… Anong ginawa ng pamahalaan? Wala!” she said.

Clean election

In addition to probing into the tanim-bala scheme, Cam said she is working to ensure that the upcoming polls are free of fraud.

In fact, on November 27, she will be heading to the Supreme Court along with around 10,000 other candidates to urge the poll body to bring back the security features of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines.

“Dapat ibalik ng Supreme Court yung security features. ‘Pag wala po yun, tapos na po ang laban, ang administrasyon na ito ang mananalo ulit. Papaya ba tayo? Hindi tayo papayag,” she said.

Whistleblower in Senate?

If elected, she said she will continue to expose the irregularities in government.

Her beliefs are currently aligned with the ideals of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is known for his iron-fist leadership.

Duterte, however, has not filed his Certificate of Candidacy for the presidency, a situation Cam hopes would change on December 10.

She bemoaned that the law here has no teeth, making criminals unafraid of breaking it.

But even more disappointing, she said, is how the government continues to trumpet its “Tuwid na Daan” slogan despite the proliferation of crimes.

“Ang Aquino government – it’s a failure,” she said, “Wag na po tayong magpatumpik-tumpik. Yung sinasabi nilang ‘tuwid na daan’ is actually tuwad na daan.”

Change, hope

Admitting that she is no politician, Cam said she only has enough money to go around the country, but not enough to buy votes.

But she believes that those who want a corruption- and crime-free country like her are capable of propelling her into the Senate. In particular, her fellow Bicolanos, who are known to be brave, can help her by giving her their votes.

“Marami na pong Bicolano na nagkaroon ng national position, pero mahirap pa rin po ang ating rehiyon dahil sa mga katiwalian,” Cam remarked.

“Ayoko po magpromesa. Pero gagawin ko po ang lahat ng aking makakaya upang makapagbigay ng bagong pag-asa,” she said.