Lani Misalucha swaps urban jungle for Itbog Falls in CamSur

CAMARINES SUR—Lani Misalucha opted for a refreshing, quiet observance of the Holy Week in Buhi town here recently, her Facebook posts reveal. Manila-born Misalucha, in her posts, was visibly delighted "to be back after so many years" in the region. 

The photos she posted show that she passed by ricefields and carabaos—a world of a difference from the concert stages and studio lights to which she is accustomed because of her profession.

Lani Misalucha visits Itbog Falls in Buhi, Camarines Sur
Quoting fellow songstress Sylvia Latorre, Misalucha said of the views that greeted her: "Sa kabukiran, walang kalungkutan!"
Lani Misalucha visits Itbog Falls in Buhi, Camarines Sur
The singer and a few companions’ destination was Itbog Falls, a cascade of water which is also called Twin Falls.

Misalucha described the falls as “beautiful” and “enchanting,” and later as “malipot,” the Bicol word for cold.

Most of her accounts are lighthearted, such as her quip, “Balak ko sanang mag two piece. Chos! Two piece ka dyan! Gubat yan noh!”

Others, however, expose her humility: “Ang mala magsasaka kong mga paa,” she noted, referring to her muddy feet, “So i won't slip, i took off my flip flops and walked for over half an hour bare foot on a muddy, rocky, feet poking trail just to see the Itbog Falls.”

Misalucha said that it was the first time that she visited Itbog Falls, and was only there for vacation.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM
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