The urgent need to enhance cybersecurity

The increasing reliance on the digital world prompts the nation to enhance its cybersecurity programs. Despite the pandemic, or perhaps because of it, there is an urgent need for better cybersecurity measures.

At present, cyberattacks come in several forms, targeting different kinds of data and vulnerabilities. Among these forms are malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle attack, zero-day exploit, denial-of-service attack, SQL injection, and DNS tunneling.

In many instances, the attackers are looking to profit from system weaknesses, as when hackers break into bank accounts to transfer money to their own, or when sensitive and private data is put up for ransom. Cyberattacks can also be motivated by a desire to obliterate data or systems for political or social reasons, in a practice called “hacktivism.”

At a time when so many transactions are shifting online, the threats of cyberattacks are also growing, and so should our collective concern. It is exigent for the public and private sectors to team up against cyberattacks. From establishing better security infrastructure to awareness campaigns, much needs to be done to protect our citizens.

Putting cybersecurity on the back burner would make it harder for Filipinos to cope with the rising demands of the digital revolution, along with the challenges of the continuing health crisis. Further, postponing immediate action on cybersecurity would make us even more vulnerable than we already are in terms of our economy or even our national security.