PSA Camarines Sur registers 14,324 individuals for Step 2 of Philippine Identification System

Five weeks after the rollout of Step 2 of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) in the province, 14,324 individuals are now registered and are waiting for their National ID which is aimed to strengthen financial inclusion, make government services more accessible, and simplify public and private transactions.

As of March 12, eleven (11) PhilSys Registration Centers have rolled out starting February 9, 2021 in Naga City, San Fernando, Canaman, Pasacao, Tigaon, Iriga City, Gainza, Calabanga, Libmanan, Baao, and Buhi.
Step 2 or the Registration Proper involves the capturing of the biometrics data of the registrants, which includes the iris scan, fingerprint scan, and front-facing photographs. This is in addition to the basic demographic data gathered during the Step 1 phase of PhilSys. Moreover, the pre-registered applicants are asked to present one supporting document such as PSA Birth Certificate, Passport,
UMID, Driver’s License, and other government-issued IDs for crosschecking of data provided in Step 1. Each individual takes about eight to fifteen minutes in completing the Step 2 registration process.
On October 12, 2020, Step 1 or the Pre-registration stage started in Camarines Sur prioritizing the low-income households. There were 402,387 individuals interviewed for demographic data during the conduct of house-to-house pre-registration in 2020. Starting January 18, 2021, 182,264 additional individuals were pre-registered which is already more than half of the current target of 317,520
individuals this 2021. The 584,651 pre-registered applicants from both 2020 and 2021 were given appointment slips for them to present during the Step 2 Registration. Text messages (SMS) are also sent by the central office to inform the applicants of their Step 2 schedules and the documents they need to bring. This year, the PSA intends to open the pre-registration to the general public and to digitalize the application online.
The 37 cities and municipalities in Camarines Sur are expected to start Step 2 before the end of March. The next set of municipalities to open the PhilSys registration centers includes Bula, and Tinambac on March 17; Goa, and Sagñay on March 18; Pamplona, and Del Gallego on March 19; Milaor, and Minalabac on March 20; Caramoan, and Garchitorena on March 22; and San Jose, and Lagonoy on March 23. Before the year ends, Camarines Sur targets to accommodate all the 402,387 pre-registered applicants in 2020.
Through Republic Act No. 11055 enacted last August 2018, the Philippine Identification System aims to establish a single national identification system for all citizens and resident aliens of the Republic of the Philippines.