Cordero gets artist-in-residence fellowship

Kristian Sendon Cordero, creative director of independent bookstore and cultural hub Savage Mind, has just been awarded the 2022 Artist-in-Residence Fellowship of Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study.

Cordero will get a six-month writing residency in Cape Town where he will be working on a new creative project while at the same time joining experts who work across disciplinary borders to tackle issues ranging from health equity to complexity theory, the effects of race to quantum information.

According to Oscar Campomanes, Ateneo de Manila Univeristy Professor: "the Stellenbosch is one of the world's most reputable Institutes for creative and transdisciplinary work, the likes of intellectual giants like Manuel Castells have spent residencies there! KC is probably not only the first Filipino to be offered a stint there, but also among the few youngest (the Institute prefers to offer fellowships to senior scholars, creatives, and scientists)!"

In this age of tumultuous change, the development of a long-term view and a critical mass of expertise on a broad range of issues is crucial to the wellbeing of future generations.

STIAS provides and maintains an independent ‘creative space for the mind’ to advance the cause of science and scholarship across all disciplines.

It encourages the cross-pollination of ideas across cultures, academic or otherwise, and hence gives preference to projects that will tap into, and benefit from, a multi-disciplinary discourse while also contributing unique perspectives to such a discourse. This interaction is fostered by inviting individual fellows or project teams where each team member is evaluated individually.