7 Best Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean

With the global COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing and with a clear end to it not yet in sight, we still have to contend with the “new normal” of taking extra precaution against the dreaded SARS-CoV-2 virus. While vaccines have already been developed, there is still the issue of procuring and distributing them to millions of individuals around the world in order to attain the herd immunity that scientists and medical experts desire.

We still have a long way to go before we can put our guard down. In the meantime, social distancing is still imperative, and we need to protect ourselves by way of wearing face masks and face shields whenever we go out in public, especially in crowded urban locations in the Philippines. We still have to avoid or minimize touching objects and surfaces as much as possible, and to wash or sanitize our hands afterward.

At home, it is even more important that we keep our surroundings clean and sanitized for the safety and security of our loved ones. Throughout this pandemic, as we work or study from home, our living spaces have indeed become a sanctuary where we can take refuge from the dangers of the outside world. Here are several ways on how you can keep your home clean and comfortable during this pandemic:

1.) Disinfect Your Surroundings

Place a few drops of bleach or liquid disinfectant in the water before you mop the floor, or use an antibacterial detergent when you clean your carpet. Before the pandemic hit, cleaning your house may have only meant sweeping the floor or vacuuming the carpet. These days, you need to ensure that these surfaces are not only free of dirt and dust, but also of germs, bacteria and viruses. Also make sure to cover all areas of the house.

2.) Sanitize Communal Surfaces

Keep a clean cloth or rag handy along with a spray bottle of alcohol to wipe down surfaces that you and your family members often touch, such as tabletops, countertops, door handles and light switches. Keep these items dedicated for this purpose so you avoid cross-contamination across different surfaces and areas of the home. You can also use disposable antibacterial wipes for added convenience.

3.) Ensure Proper Ventilation in Your Home, and Let the Sunshine In

Ensure ample air circulation within your living spaces by opening windows and main doors regularly. This also allows sunlight in, which is a natural agent that kills microbes and harmful organisms through heat. Medical experts have stated that the spread of the virus may be impeded in areas that are more airy or spacious, so it would be helpful to create a similar kind of environment within your home. 

4.) Make Use of An Air Purifier

If you live in a condominium or enclosed space that does not have windows, it would be good to make use of an air purifier. This machine helps filter the air and capture dust, pollen, animal dander, and other allergens. Some models may even help inactivate airborne pathogens like bacteria and viruses by releasing negative and positive ions into the air. To determine the best air purifier for you, take into consideration the size of the room you will be using it in as well as the features that would bring you the most benefit. An air purifier may be one of the best investments you could make during this time of pandemic.

5.) Incorporate Plants Indoors

Placing a couple of indoor plants throughout your home can also greatly help improve the air quality within your living spaces. As we all know, plants absorb the carbon dioxide we expel while providing much-needed oxygen in return. Good indoor quality can help prevent illnesses such as allergies while also strengthening your immunity in general. A touch of green in your surroundings can also relax your mind and contribute to your overall mental health.

6.) Leave All Outdoor Footwear By the Door 

Prevent dirt, microbes and organisms from entering your home by instituting a rule of not allowing shoes or slippers used outdoors to be worn inside. Assign family members their own pair of slippers or socks to be used inside the home. For guests, you can easily provide cheap and disposable hotel bedroom-type slippers for their use. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer by your front door to ensure that all visitors sanitize their hands before entering your home.

7.) Use Antimicrobial Detergent for Clothes and Linens

Consider going for laundry detergents with added anti-microbial properties. This is useful in making your family’s clothes more resistant to harmful bacteria and viruses, providing them an added layer of protection. By washing items such as curtains, bedsheets, couch covers and the like, you also create a safer and cleaner environment within your living spaces.

Before the pandemic, we took for our homes for granted because we spent most of our time in the office or at school. Now more than ever, our homes need to be a place where we can be safe from the threats of COVID-19. This means extra effort in keeping it neat and tidy. Perhaps one good thing to have come out of this pandemic is that maintaining cleanliness in our homes is a habit that is definitely worthwhile to keep up even after all of this is over.