Travel the Philippines with new Pinoy-made mobile game Running Organgs

A new mobile game featuring the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines has just hit the market.

Released by digital marketing agency PurpleBug, Inc., the game called Running Organgs is a simple and fun platformer for Android and Apple users.

The Running Organgs is a gang of organs of the human body, hence the name. The group includes:

· Brainstein (Brain): The one who holds the greatest understanding and wisdom among the members of the Running Organgs. His arch nemesis are illegal drugs.

· Amor (Heart): The fun and bubbly member of the Running Organgs. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves to make friends. Her arch nemesis are the pictures of her ex-boyfriends.

· Oliver (Liver): The cool, laid-back, and most stylish member of the Running Organgs. His arch nemesis are alcoholic beverages.

· Lang-Lang and Leng-Leng (Lungs): Lang-Lang and Leng-Leng are twins. Lang-Lang is prim and proper, while Leng-Leng is a free-spirit. Their arch nemesis are cigarettes, vapes, and the COVID-19 virus

· Tammie (Stomach): The confident and bold member of the Running Organgs. She loves to eat to her heart’s content and knows how to have a good time! Her arch nemesis are poisonous substances.

"The idea behind the game is more than just entertaining people and distracting them from the setbacks brought by the COVID-19 crisis. Running Organgs also allows players to travel and recall the feeling of visiting the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines, while staying safe from the COVID-19 virus. In addition, we also aim to educate players by creating “arch nemesis” fit for each character," the company behind the game said.

"This is our first installment of the game. We will be releasing new ones within the year with additional characters and Philippine tourist spots. So far, the game has already received positive feedback, most notably for its art style, characters, and concept," the statement added. 

Download Running Organgs through these links: