Appreciation and gratitude to education partners and stakeholders


Educating the youth is a shared responsibility. It is not only the teachers and students who should feel they should contribute to learning, but also the other members of the community.

These partnerships are essential for a number of reasons. For one, they allow everyone to recognize that they should be accountable for the realization of learning outcomes. They also ease the burden of schools in managing their very limited resources.

Coguit High School in Balatan, Camarines Sur has always been tremendously grateful and appreciative of the help of education partners and stakeholders.

Recently, the school was fortunate to receive warm support and encouragement from kindhearted donors, the Odsinada-Pitapit family.

The Odsinada-Pitapit family hails from Guinobatan, Albay, but have since migrated to the United States.

Among them are Wilma Campos Odsinad Pitapit, Carlos Bontile Pitapit, Alma Campos Odsinada, John Kjarl Xed O. Pitapit, Kyra Mae O. Pitapit, Kyle Camille O. Pitapit, Kyla Jannine O. Pitapit.

The Odsinada-Pitapit family may have moved to a foreign country, but their kind hearts still care deeply for the Philippines, particularly the students of public schools.

They decided to send no less than three huge balikbayan boxes, full of learning materials, visual aids, assorted school supplies, books, and clothing to Coguit High School late last year.

Along with the boxes, they also sent a budget for snacks of the members of the school community.

The boxes arrived at the school on December 6, 2020. They were just in time for the holidays.

The generous donation brought bright smiles to the faces of the members of the school community.

Amid the pandemic and the series of typhoons and floods in Bicol, they direly needed some cheer.

But those boxes were not the only presents from the Odsinada-Pitapit family.
The magnanimous donors even gave their word that every year, they would be sending help in the form of material things to teachers, students, the Parents, Teachers and Community Association (PTCA), and the school as a whole.

According to them, they want to help realize the dreams of the young Filipino learners.

Indeed, many of our students here do not enjoy the same luxuries or even comparable resources as those in developed countries.

Our schools lack books, reference materials, and other learning tools and equipment. Sometimes, what materials are available are already outdated, damaged, or dilapidated.

Unfortunately, our budget often does not allow for the constant purchase of these materials, even if we badly need or want them.

Still, our students are rich in perseverance and patience. We are resourceful, creative, and ingenious, and those will go a long way as we set our sight on a brighter future for everybody.

We are happy that many are starting to realize that it is only by helping one another and sharing the responsibility that we may truly educate the youth.