Converge restoration date in Naga City still uncertain

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – It appears that there is no glimmer of hope in the horizon for subscribers of the Internet service of Converge ICT here to have their connection restored anytime soon. 

Interviewed by the BICOL STANDARD, employees of the company who refused to be named said that they could not even give a tentative date as to when subscribers could expect to have their connection repaired, although restoration efforts have started.

Many subscribers complain of having no connection around October 23, 2020, when Typhoon Quinta hit the city.

Prior to this, however, Internet connection was also reported to be slow or intermittent in the weeks leading to the typhoons.

At the Converge ICT office at Magsaysay Avenue, throngs of irate subscribers have been demanding for the Internet service restoration for at least two weeks.

Many are complaining that because of the sheer volume of the dissatisfied customers, the office is jam-packed, and health protocols such as social distancing are no longer observed.

Subscribers are told to file for job order request forms and/or write letters of request for repair to the manager of the Naga City office.

No complaint or ticket number is issued following the filing of these reports, however.

Others who attempt to communicate with the Internet service provider report being unable to contact the office through phone, e-mail, or social media message.

Despite the unavailability of the service, subscribers here are receiving Statements of Account for the period in question.

There is also no advisory as to whether the company will honor requests for rebate.

Other ISPs, utilities

Meanwhile, PLDT, which also provides Internet service in Naga City has reportedly announced that it will waive the bill for the period covering the unavailability of service.

DCTV, another Internet service provider, for its part, was able to restore service in most areas just one day after Typhoon Ulysses.

Other utilities such as electricity and water, which were also affected by the parade of typhoons, are nearing completion for their restoration.

‘Internet service is essential’

Totoy (not his real name), a subscriber here, told the Bicol Standard that Converge, ICT “cannot simply get away with this kind of service.”

“We are paying our bills religiously. The least they can do is to give us an estimated schedule of restoration, instead of leaving us hanging like this, staring at a blank wall as to when, or if, our Internet will ever be restored.”

“We are in a pandemic. We have just been hit by calamities. Internet connection here is essential in these times. Many of us work from home, or are engaged in online classes. Don’t we deserve a little humanity? Don’t we deserve answers?” he said.

He also expressed dismay over the announcement of the main office earlier this week that service in Luzon has been fully restored, after their service went down due to a power problem. “It is simply not true that our service has been fully restored,” he said. “This might be true for some subscribers, but definitely not all. We wouldn’t be wasting time and energy requesting for restoration if service is available, would we?”