EDITORIAL | A Day of Victory for Education

DepEd anticipates October 5 to be a day of victory as it opens School Year 2020-2021.

To quote DepEd Sec. Leonor Briones in a recent press briefing, October 5 is “a declaration of continuity of education whatever challenges we are facing. Education will continue, and [our] children will continue learning, and [our] parents will continue supporting us. Our government, our teachers, all of us, are involved in this effort and this will be the biggest victory of all at this time of the pandemic.”

Over the past few months, Briones has proven herself to be the decisive, strong-willed leader that DepEd needs in these daunting, difficult times.

She was not one to be disheartened by reports of anxious students and parents and pressure from organizations to postpone classes.

When she herself was hit by the virus, the 79-year-old persisted and kept working to meet the targets of the agency.

Preferring a proactive, bold, and confident approach, she addressed the obstacles head-on, convincing even the most anxious that there is merit in following her lead.

And sure, there may be a multitude of nightmares and snags and roadblocks on the way for DepEd, especially in the first few days of the school opening, but the two choices for us are clear.

We can be paralyzed by fear, doubts, and worry—in which case we can expect no progress or development.

Or, like Sec. Briones, we can press on, resolved to meet our goals and surmount the obstacles for the sake of our learners.