TEACHER CORNER | From Studio to Classroom: The Challenging Journey of a Non-Education Graduate

Camarines Sur National High school
Naga City

Teaching is my profession. As a non-education graduate, I had never imagined myself wearing a formal uniform while confidently talking in front of more than fifty students in a noisy classroom. 

Art as my passion

I am proud to say that I am an artist by passion and vocation. Before I pursued the teaching profession, I was mainly focused on my art. But contrary to a typical classroom teacher, I used to simply spend most of my time in solitude, alone inside my room playing with my imagination and converting it into colorful shapes and figures of masterpieces.

After almost ten years practicing my profession as an artist, I had realized that my life could be more meaningful if I can turn myself to become an instrument to help others to produce more people like me.

Career redirection

I decided to do something to make my vision become a reality. I enrolled in a professional education class to learn more about strategies on how to impart my knowledge and skills into the minds of young learners.

After one semester, I finished my class and fortunately passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). I was so lucky that after a couple of months of waiting, good news surprised me as I learned that I was hired at the Camarines Sur National High School as a MAPEH teacher, handling Visual Arts under Special Program in the Arts (SPA) and Technical Drawing under TLE.

Teaching challenge

Well, a challenge came my way because I could hardly teach Music, PE, and Health. I wasn’t well-prepared to teach these subjects because they were strange to me and beyond my field of expertise. But I never gave up.

I attended training and sought technical assistance from my supportive senior colleagues. Other subjects were not so challenging anymore because they were closely aligned with my baccalaureate background. 

Adapting to my new environment

Teaching is a never-ending learning process. Along the way, I eventually managed to adapt to my teaching environment. Just to mention few:

(1) as a teacher, I come to my class prepared and treat my students in a friendly way while learning worthwhile endeavors under the efficient use of time;
(2) as a co-worker, I realized that it is important to be friendly with my co-workers if I want to enjoy working with them; (3) as a parent inside the classroom, I learned to guide my students to respect others and become a productive asset in society; and,
(4) as a subordinate, I obeyed orders of my superiors but felt free to express my views with full respect to the school authorities.

A noble profession

For me, based on my teaching and learning story, I can say that the teaching profession requires people who have the conviction to nurture young minds and mold them to become great in their pursuit.

Educators have always played the role of catalysts for various social changes in society. That is why we can say that ‘Teaching is a noble profession’. Although all professions could be noble, as well as ethical, teaching is still the noblest one because teachers play an important role in molding a functional society. 

Teachers should be treated well and only those who have good qualities should become teachers.