TEACHER FORUM | Education transformation

by Marline Christy Valencia

The Department of Education (DepEd) is determined to move forward in education by taking on a new challenge: quality.

This goal, which has long been the dream of any Filipino, has long been enshrined in the 1987 Constitution.

However, as education continues to be redefined by the changing times, the meaning of quality education also changes.

Our strategy is now focused on KITE: K to 12 curriculum review and update, Improving the learning environment, Teachers’ upskilling and reskilling; and Engagement of stakeholders for support.

Sec. Leonor Briones says the Philippines aims to globalize the quality of education. This means we want to be at par with the standards of other nations, and in doing so, perhaps work towards raising our own standards.

Further, we want to participate in international assessments that would complement our own national assessment. By doing this, we can benchmark the effectiveness of whatever reforms we intend to implement.

Yet, as DepEd points out, these reforms cannot be realized overnight.

We need to rally the entire Filipino community and make everyone feel like the education stakeholder he or she truly is.

We need both broad and specific goals that will target the changes we want to achieve.

These goals need to be based on data, research, and insights gathered from the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum and other DepEd programs in the recent years.

We also need to keep abreast of global developments, and take note of the best practices in teaching today’s youth.

For example, we need to respond to how much of learning today happens through computer screens, or is affected by the large number of games and other apps.

Furthermore, we need to balance the use of digital resources with real-world experience, so that students are still very much in touch with reality.

Essentially, these are what we mean by education transformation: we need to change education, and at the same time, come to terms with how education has changed.

It is not useful to be stubbornly stuck in the past, even when our previous strategies were successful with past generations.

Only with this accepting attitude will we truly know the path to take in teaching our learners to be the best persons they can be.