Legazpi City boosts measures to protect health workers

LEGAZPI CITY – After receiving numerous reports and complaints from health workers about verbal, physical and emotional abuses, Mayor Noel Rosal issued an executive order (EO) further strengthening measures to protect front-liners.

EO No. 023, S. 2020 issued on Tuesday laid down safety and punitive measures in protecting health care workers as well as other front-liners, repatriated overseas Filipino workers, and suspected and confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) suspects from physical and emotional abuses.

“People that commit acts such as discrimination, shame, bullying, harassment, slanders and worst, to inflict physical harm to people involved in curbing the spread of the deadly virus disease, shall be held liable,” Rosal said in an interview on Wednesday.

Included in the safety nets is the protection of health front-liners from rejection of contractual obligations such as contracts of lease or employment, Rosal said.

“I am warning these people that inflict harm to our health workers that they would face criminal, civil and administrative charges under the City Ordinance No. 00381-2020 dated April 30, 2020,” he added.

Also included in the EO are the guidelines of general community quarantine here. (PNA)