Changes in BRTTH hospital operation eyed to lessen COVID-19 transmissions

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard)-- The Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) COVID-19 Pandemic Advisory Team has recommended schemes or changes in their hospital operation to lessen the risk of the disease transmission, to avoid compromising the health of non-COVID patients, and to focus on screening, testing, and management of COVID patients.

In a Regional Advisory released today, the BRTTH stated that seven (7) healthcare workers have been infected and more than a hundred are currently quarantined.

Further, total of 37 patients with COVID-19 have been accommodated so far in the hospital, with 145 patients combined admission of PUI/PUM and a total of 407 consultations since February 4, 2020.

Its recommendations, which are also approved and supported by the Department of Health Center for Health Development – Bicol, are as follows:

1. BRTTH will limit admissions to emergency cases, critical conditions, cases that need tertiary care and urgent surgical, obstetrical and gynecological procedures.
2. Patients with mild to moderate non-respiratory conditions requiring confinement will initially be managed at the emergency room and subsequently be transferred to the nearest LGU hospital (City, District and Provincial) or private hospital after proper endorsement.
3. BRTTH may also provide selected residents to district hospitals requesting for manpower. Some cases of Surgical and obstetrical procedures can be done by the assigned resident/s in particular or dedicated hospital.
4. The OPD in BRTTH will be temporarily closed to augment the manpower for COVID-19. Other OPD services such as Chemotherapy, Dialysis and OPD dispensing of essential medicines will be continuously provided.
5. Blood bank, Basic Hematology & Clinical microscopy will still be fully operational. Serology, Clinical chemistries and other special tests will be done subject to the availability of manpower. Histopathology, Microbiology, G6PD, CD4 count and POD laboratory services are temporarily suspended.
6. X-rays will still be routinely available in the said hospital. Ultrasound and CT scan will only be done for urgent indications.
7. Cardiac catheterization procedures will only be available for emergency and life threatening cases.
8. Endoscopic procedures in BRTTH will be limited to emergency cases such as acute massive bleeding, perforations and leakage, foreign body removal and luminal obstruction requiring decompression.
9. Transport of patient to other hospitals will be provided by BRTTH whenever possible.
10. Consent for the transfer will be obtained from the patients.

Meantime, DOH CHD – Bicol clarified that the hospital will not be on lockdown although most non-COVID services are temporarily suspended.