DOST, Pisay Bicol launch “Adopt a Box of Hope” for COVID-19 frontliners

NAGA CITY –  A fundraising campaign  to augment the urgent need for additional and alternative Protective Personal Equipment or PPEs was recently launched by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Camarines Sur in partnership with Philippine Science High School (PSHS)-Bicol Region.

Dubbed “Adopt a Box of Hope,” the fund drive endeavors to buy raw materials in order to create aerosol boxes.

“An aerosol box is an acrylic cube which covers a patient’s head during endotracheal intubation, a procedure being administered to patients who suffer respiratory failure. It aims to augment our existing PPEs and protect our medical doctors and nurses who are performing the procedure and shield them from infectious respiratory droplets from the patient,” DOST Camarines Sur Provincial Science and Technology Director Pat N. Felizmenio explained.

Felizmenio added that the project was initiated by PISAY Batch 2009 in partnership with PSHS-BRC Community. PSHS BRC Faculty and Adopt a Box Core Committee member Jhetro Arthur M. Cledera , sought the help of DOST thru Felizmenio to help them on the technical aspect of their project and her recommendation for equipped fabricators of aerosol boxes.

“It’s a blessing that we didn’t find it hard to look for fabricators. We found out that one of our assisted firms- Jeah Pauline Advertising, is actually engaged in the fabrication of high-quality stainless steel, acrylic and glass products. It is an adaptor of the Small Enterprise Upgrading Program (SETUP) of DOST,” Felizmenio added.

SETUP is one of the flagship programs of DOST that supports Micro, Small and Medium enterprises or MSMEs. DOST provided technology innovations to advance the enterprise’s business operations.

When Jean Pauline Advertising realized the urgency to produce the much-needed aerosol boxes, it wasted no time and started producing them immediately. As of April 13, they have already distributed 16 out of 29 fabricated aerosol boxes to various hospitals in the Bicol Region.

“The tireless service of Adopt a Box of Hope Core Committee , together with the assistance given by DOST Regional Office in Bicol through its various S&T Centers, including the prompt response of the concerned Local Government Units, facilitated the efficient transport of materials and donations needed. It helped a lot to overcome the challenges in the mobilization of these PPEs and raw materials considering the restrictions during this ECQ period,” Felizmenio said. (LSMacatangay-PIAV/Camarines Sur)