Naga City confirms African Swine Fever cases


NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard)—The city government confirmed that African Swine Fever has been recorded in two barangays here.

In a media conference earlier today, Mayor Legacion, together with Abattoir Administrator Robert Acabado, City Veterinarian Junios Elad and National Meat Inspection Service Representative Emily Saulon said the cases were from barangays Pacol and Cararayan.

As a response to this development, the city will be enforcing the 1-7-10 protocol of the Department of Agriculture.

This means that in a one-kilometer radius from the site of infection or ground zero, hogs will be prohibited from entering or leaving the area, and the site is to eventually be depopulated.

Further, in a seven-kilometer radius, hogs would be under surveillance with restricted movements, and blood testing would be done.

For the 10-kilometer radius from ground zero, mandatory monitoring and reporting of swine disease occurrences shall be implemented.

The city government also clarified that the hogs in Naga City may not be taken outside of the city, as they will be subject to monitoring.

As for pork vendors, they may source pork from authorized NMIS slaughterhouses outside the city which have no reported cases of African Swine Fever.

Meantime, the Abattoir will be closed for hog slaughter operations for 14 days, starting March 1, 2020.