EDITORIAL | ASF: Shared problem

Sincere cooperation is the order of the day in the African Swine Fever problem in Camarines Sur.

Since it was confirmed that cases of the dreaded swine disease were recorded in the province, the government as well as concerned agencies have been working tirelessly to contain its spread.

Initiatives such as the establishment of local checkpoints, monitoring, surveillance, information drives, border control, disinfection, as well as depopulation are being conducted, even at the wee hours of the morning as authorities recognize that time is of the essence in the battle against ASF.

And yet, despite these determined efforts, there are still some who attempt to illegally transport hogs and pork products to other areas.

This blatant disregard not only for the protocol, but also for the welfare of other hog raisers who may be affected, reveals disgusting greed and selfishness on their part.

While it is understandable that they are trying to recoup costs, they are putting the rest of the swine population, and by extension, the livelihood of other hog raisers and vendors, at risk.

ASF, we must remember, is not the problem solely of the government or of the concerned agencies.

If, as a community, we don’t take ownership of it and continue to be uncooperative with their efforts, we better be ready for the local hog industry to collapse.