TEACHER CORNER | Technology: A Click Away to Better Education (Or is it?)

by Isabel Dela Austria- Porlaje
Ligao National High School

Technology makes our lives easier, comfortable and hassle free. We are living the life that our ancestors dreamed of before. Advancement in technology also means that we are close to the top of a civilization which started from nothing. Of course, this trend also found its niche to the educational system of our country which always aim for innovations and improvements that will cater the learners’ need.

In an effort to keep abreast with the trend in technology, the Department of Education are maximizing its resources to integrate it in daily classroom instructions. But what’s puzzling about it is that despite information being just one click away from the grasp of students, they seem to have lower performance in school compared to those times when computers aren’t yet in the scenario. This makes us think, is technology a boon, or a bane?

Computers, cellphones, tablets, gadgets, name it and technology can provide it. Information about anything under the sun can be found in these techies including the unnecessary ones, the pornography and addictive games. Social media sites have been dominating the lives of teenagers and these are exposing them to the latest trends in fashion, dating, and lifestyle to mention a few. These young souls are drowned to these earthly things that they forget the right from wrong because of the bandwagon in social media. They want to be “in it” because it’s trending in Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. They disregard their studies because of this newfound addiction, that instead of visiting Google for research, they will think of catchy captions in their Instagram posts or share memes on Facebook. That instead of reading and comprehending information found in the internet, they will just copy and paste it without even digesting the knowledge found from that information.

Technology is of great help in the education of our learners if it was utilized in a good way. They should be properly oriented of the positive and negative impacts that these things can bring forth to their studies and lives in the long run. Technology does not only help in the part of learners but also on the educators and the system itself. Indeed, we have taken a great leap in the course of education through the emergence of technology in the educational scene. It has been part of the curriculum which will never be the same again without it. Now what we have to do is to embrace it and make the most out of it because we need it for us to be globally competitive. 

A coin has always two faces and so as anything in this world including technology. What our 21st century learners need is a constant reminder of the do’s and don’ts, of the boons or banes of technology. They our patience and understanding because they are just victims of circumstances that this new world brings forth. Discipline is a big word that can be a game changer because it’s one the keys in order for our youth to find the right path in their journey to this modern life.