TEACHER CORNER | The challenge of quality education

By Jayson Imperial
Education is the first step to achieving a bright future. This is why many Filipino parents would tell their children that it is the most precious heirloom they can give. More precious than gold, silver, or any form of material wealth, education is valuable because it can never be taken away.

However, access to education is not enough. While it has always been the priority of our government to provide access to education, we must move beyond simply aspiring for education to working towards quality education.

Quality education means a lot of things. It means developing a curriculum that meets global standards in terms of the learning outcomes of students. It means instilling in learners both creative and critical thinking. It means improving the learning environment, facilities, and equipment so that learning opportunities are maximized. It means encouraging the continued development and upskilling of teachers so that they keep up with the ever-changing times.

To achieve quality education, however, is no easy task. This is why it is taking us years and years to move from mere access to education to aspiring for quality education.

In this journey, we must not lose sight of the fact that education is not the sole responsibility of teachers, of national leaders, or the Department of Education. We need the help and cooperation of all sectors and communities if we are to take on this challenge. This includes parents and guardians, local government units, alumni associations, non-government organizations, members of the private sector, and development partners. Everyone must be encouraged to contribute in the ways that they can to this challenge. After all, everyone also stands to benefit from a brighter future.