EDITORIAL | Mayor Pan is the man

Netizens are heaping praises on Goa Municipal Mayor Marcel Pan this week after he showed how serious he is in his town’s no-nonsense campaign against the reported overcharging of tricycles and pedicabs in his town.

Mayor Pan personally wrote a letter to one of the tricycle drivers who allegedly charged excessively that he will not hesitate to revoke said driver’s franchise if he continues to engage in said prohibited act.

Many constituents lauded Pan’s direct and clear approach to what is apparently a perennial problem reported not only in Goa, but also in other towns and cities in the region.

Others would say the mayor’s move is risky, since it might mean he would lose the political support of the erring drivers.

In the face of the greater good, however, such risk is completely worth taking.

A true leader, after all, focuses on doing the right thing, instead of pandering to everyone’s desires.

A true leader is proactive and delineates a clear course of action, instead of confusing the constituents with meaningless rhetoric that accomplish nothing.

And in case it weren’t clear yet: A true leader has political will, integrity, and a strong set of values--all of which allow him or her to effectively perform his or her duties and functions.

Other mayors in Bicol would do well to follow his example, instead of engaging in endless politicking and obsessing about the next election.