TEACHER CORNER | Heading forward in quality education

by Girlie Harical Gangawan
Pala Ligao West Central Elementary School (Poblacion)

DepEd recently announced its renewed commitment to responding the constitutional mandate for all Filipinos to get not just access to education, but basic quality education.

With this, DepEd Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones bared that they are steering the Department towards much-needed education reforms.

These reforms, summed up in the acronym KITE, include (1) K to 12 Curriculum review and update; (2) Improvement of learning environment (3) Teachers’ upskilling and reskilling; and (4) Engagement of stakeholders for support and collaboration.

K to 12 Curriculum review and update

As regards the first, this means that they will launch efforts to establish whether K to 12 as a curriculum is effective, given what DepEd has learned in its years of implementation.

K to 12 has always envisioned a world-class curriculum that will prepare learners for contemporary and relevant challenges. Many, however, have expressed skepticism over whether it was able to achieve this in the years that it was used by learning institutions. As such, DepEd said it will consult with relevant institutions regarding its strengths, as well as areas for improvement.

Improvement of learning environment

This means that DepEd will seek ways to enhance physical learning facilities and learning resources.

Its goal is to have safe and nurturing schools which will promote maximum and optimum learning experiences for all learners.

It will also strive further to practice inclusive education, so that no learner is left behind in its quest to improve Philippine education.

Teachers’ upskilling and reskilling

DepEd has also revealed its plans for a transformed professional development program.

This is so teachers will be more equipped with 21st century knowledge and the best practices in teaching.

As always, DepEd emphasizes that teachers are at the forefront of winning the battle for quality basic education.

Engagement of stakeholders for support and collaboration

This means that concrete support and collaboration should be secured from all stakeholders.

DepEd continually stresses that everyone should show that they feel responsible for education, not just the teachers or the educational sector.

All sectors and communities, in fact, should be tapped, and should show concern and support for the welfare of the nation’s youth.

As a member of the academic community, I fully support these initiatives by DepEd.
Truly, there is a need to sharpen its focus on educational reforms in order to move forward.

There is no use resting on our laurels, on being stuck on achievements which we did in the past.

To make progress, we have to be honest with our shortcomings, and acknowledge our areas for improvement.

Furthermore, as the world is in a constant state of flux, we must also keep up with the changes.

In terms of education, this means being open to new trends and best practices, instead of simply continuing with tried-and-true means to educate the Filipino youth.