Save impounded dogs!--Naga City animal lovers

Photo via Gel Toriente

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) –Animal lovers here have taken to social media to call on the public to help them save the lives of dogs that are reportedly scheduled to be put to sleep this week at the Dog Pound in this city.

City Ordinance No. 2006-025 (“An ordinance regulating the ownership, care, and upkeep of animals in the City of Naga”) provides that all impounded healthy dogs and cats not claimed nor sold at the designated auction “shall be donated to research institution or colleges and universities or shall be killed humanely.”

“They deserve a second chance,” netizen Gel Toriente posted on Facebook earlier today.

Her post reads:

“For those who wish to adopt and help them:
Pay adoption fee first P275 pesos at City Vet Office - Del Rosario
(Free anti rabies vaccine) mag iissue po sila ng receipt
Para po di kayo pabalik balik pag punta ng Naga Nursery (dogpound)
Then punta na po kayo dun sa Haciendas De Naga unahan lang ng Buenvida Village papasok ng Naga Nursery then choose a dog to adopt. dalhin nyo po ulit dun sa vet para maturukan.”

She added: “Please do this as soon as possible or else yung matitira will be put to sleep. tomorrow daw po ung schedule nila.”

Other netizens have shared similar messages.