Burial assistance now included among KaFuerte services

PILI, CSur—The KaFuerte Medical Assistance now includes burial assistance as part of its list of free services.

The Burial Assistance can go from P5,000 to P10,000, depending on the assessment of balance and need of the applicant.

Only the immediate families of the deceased can apply for this assistance.

To apply for the Burial Assistance under the KaFuerte Medical Assistance, the immediate family of the deceased must present the following requirements to the KaFuerte Medical Assistance Office at CamSur Trade and Investment Center, BMC Road, Panganiban Drive, Naga City:

1. 1 photocopy of Registered Death Certificate, showing that the deceased did not pass away 3 months from his/her immediate family’s application to the program. The death certificate must also have a signed “Certificate of Embalmer”. Applicants should also bring the original copy of the Registered Death Certificate for reference.

2. Original Funeral Contract

3. Original Certificate of Outstanding Balance from Funerary

4. Original Certificate of Indigency indicating the applicant’s relationship with the deceased and with Barangay Logo/Dry Seal. Certificates of Indigency with erasures will not be accepted.

5. 2 photocopies of 1 Government-issued valid ID of immediate family applying for the burial assistance.

Under the KaFuerte Medical Assistance Program, constituents of the province can avail of free medical services and medicines with the province’s partner hospitals, namely, Bicol Medical Center in Naga City, Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital in Daraga, Albay, Bicol Sanitarium now Bicol Region General Hospital and Geriatric Medical Center in Cabusao, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Philippine Heart Center, Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Lung Center of the Philippines in Quezon City, and Philippine General Hospital in Manila. More importantly, constituents may request for a Guaranty Letter, which is proof that the province will shoulder all or a specific amount of the beneficiary’s hospital bill.

Since its launching in August 2, 2019, the program has already helped 4,527 individuals in need of medical assistance, amounting to a total of P17,500,000 from the P20 Million congressional fund from Congressman Lray. This January, an additional P30 Million will be added to the program’s fund.

To avail of the KaFuerte Medical Assistance Program services, follow these steps:

1. Register the name of the patient to the KaFuerte Medical Assistance Office.

2. Submit 1 valid ID of the patient and 1 valid ID of the applicant together with the patient’s hospital bill, laboratory request, or medicine prescription.

3. The KaFuerte Medical Assistance staff will interview the applicant about the patient’s condition and other personal information.

4. Wait for the Guaranty Letter. This letter will serve as proof that the presented hospital bill or part of it, depending on assessment, will be shouldered by the KaFuerte Medical Assistance Program.