Paracale mayor, others, face illegal gambling charge

DAET, Camarines Norte--Paracale town mayor Romeo Moreno was among those who were arrested in an illegal gambling activity at around 10 p.m. on December 28.

PLtCol Ferdinand Villanueva, Chief of Daet Municipal Police Station said a complaint reached their office regarding a group of people who were making a lot of noise while playing mahjong at Taft Ilaod, Barangay I here.

The police proceeded to the area to investigate the complaint.

Arrested were Jovita Rafael, Nonelyn Obog, Salvador Cabarle, Alea Abesilia de Jesus, and one who identified himself as Rolando Abraham Villanueva.

They suspected Villanueva to have used a fictitious name, so they asked for an ID from him, the police said.

It was then that the person who identified himself as Villanueva complained of chest pain, and asked to be brought to a hospital.

"Villanueva" then proceeded to the hospital, where the police discovered that he identified himself using his real name, Romeo Moreno.

A complaint for violation of Presidential Decree 1602 (Illegal Gambling) was filed against the group.

The recommended bail for the suspects was P30,000.

A separate case for illegally using another name was also filed against Moreno, where an additional P3,000 bail was recommended.