No liquor consumption in government offices – CSC

QUEZON CITY -- The Civil Service Commission reminds government workers nationwide on the prohibition on the consumption of alcoholic beverages in government offices even during office Christmas parties.

Pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 1100039, the consumption of alcoholic beverages such as, but not limited to malt, wine and intoxicating liquor in workplace among government officials and employees during office hours is prohibited.

CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala stressed that mere consumption of alcoholic beverages in the workplace during office hours as well as reporting for work while under the influence of alcohol shall be considered as an administrative offense, separate and distinct from the offense of Habitual Drunkenness.

However, the consumption of alcoholic beverages may be allowed during programs and rituals such as ceremonial toasts and observance/honoring of local customs and traditions. In such instances, the alcoholic beverage must be limited to malt and wine, and the consumption shall not result to intoxication which is defined as, “the impairment of a person’s mental faculties ensuing to the loss of control over his/her behavior and/or actions”.

Should an untoward incident happen as a result of such consumption, both the head of office and the officials or employees concerned will be held liable.

Officials and employees caught in the act of consuming intoxicating liquor and other alcoholic beverages during office hours, as well as those who will be reporting for work under the influence of alcohol shall be held liable for Misconduct which is punishable by suspension for one to six months for the first offense, and dismissal from service on the second offense. (CSC)