CSC cautions public against administrative case filing scam

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Regional Office in Bicol warned the public against unscrupulous individuals engaged in money-making schemes.

“A scam is currently circulating wherein a government worker is informed that an administrative case was purportedly filed against him/her before the Commission,” said CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa Bala.

The CSC has received reports of individuals pretending to be officers from its Office for Legal Affairs calling government agencies and employees to inform them that an
administrative case was filed against them. The concerned employee is then instructed to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for the settlement of the case.

The public is advised to immediately report such activities to the CSC’s Office for Legal Affairs at telephone numbers (02) 8931-8016 and (02) 8931-7935 local 401 to 411 or email Scams can also be reported to the Contact Center ng Bayan 165-65 or send SMS to 0908-8816565.