Palarong Panlalawigan (CamSur) is suspended today

PILI, Camarines Sur—DepEd Camarines Sur has announced that the Palarong Panlalawigan is suspended today, November 13, 2019.

The following is the full text of the media release:

“Athletes and Coaches and other delegates are to stay inside the Billeting centers and wait for the next Official Statement. Safety Measures: 1. All Concerned shall account all athletes and must do head counts and check against the Manifesto of occupants. 2. we will Feed the athletes. 3. Keep cellphones on fullbat and power banks at hand, candles or flashlights must be ready but keep safety measures on the use of candlesto prevent fire. 4. Have aclose contact with LGU' s esp. the host mayors and barangays for transportation and other needs. 5. There shall be No loitering of delegates, instead this is an oppurtune time to teach the athletes on DRRM, they can practice while they are in the rooms. 6. Coordinate with parents 7. The next important decision will be from the top management tomorrow to postpone ir resume games 8. Above everything, Ensure safety of all especially the athletes. We will monitor weather conditions tomorrow. Host PSDS's are the decision makers in consultation with other PSDS's. Nurses and medical teams should be in the billeting centers, to remind Anti-dengue, other animal bites and monitor health of delegates. Earthquake drills may also be conducted. ALL concerned are always reminded to COORDINATE regularly. Wait for the NEXT UPDATE”