MANDECOR's PRESS STATEMENT: Setting the records straight

As early as Nov. 11, 2019, MANDECOR's press statement already said in part that " The only thing that will stop the owner from closing the road is a duly filed expropriation proceedings covering the said property. It is only the courts that will decide the right of the City as against the property owner. No local executive is above the law. He cannot put the law in his hands and ignore private property rights."

On November 15, 2019, MANDECOR again stated in its press statement that "MANDECOR reiterates that the intended closure will only be stopped by a duly filed expropriation proceedings, or any appropriate case, before the courts."

In another press statement dated November 19, 2019 issued before the conference in Brgy. Carolina initiated by the letter signed by Maj. Salvosa, MANDECOR stated "The ball is in the City's hands, and we reiterate that only a Court order, or at least a duly filed case by the City of Naga intended to prevent us from closing the said road, can stop us from proceeding to exercise our lawful property rights."

In the Hearing of the Committee on City Properties last Nov. 15, 2019, the same commitment was made by MANDECOR that it will not close the road if the City will file any appropriate case. Thus, let us set the records straight that this offer was already made on record by MANDECOR from the very start.

It is only this November 19, 2019 that the City Mayor adopted that stance when the same offer was made by MANDECOR in the presence of the homeowners and other affected entities. All along, this was the intent of MANDECOR that this issue be settled before the courts since the City was just ignoring lawful property rights of MANDECOR. We look forward to seeing this case by Mayor Nelson Legacion be filed at the soonest possible time.