JUST IN | MANDECOR releases statement on Pacol property

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard)--Manubay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation (MANDECOR) has issued its official statement this morning regarding its property which is part of Fr. Phelan Road in Barangay Pacol.

The statement reads: "Mandecor takes exception to the characterization of the corporation's move to assert its private property rights as barbaric.

Excluding other entities by closing the road is not a barbaric act as it is an act of dominion, the basic right of ownership.

In contrast, that statement is expected only from a shameless professional squatter asserting bogus claim against a privately owned lot, and not from a local executive.

It is clear that the City Government of Naga is still engaged in its favorite pastime of dilly-dallying by ignoring the private property rights of Mandecor.

Should any entity order the destruction and removal of anything inside a private property, it is an illegal act so that we will not hesitate to file criminal, civil and anti-graft cases against anyone who will hinder Mandecor's exercise of ownership rights.

The only thing that will stop the owner from closing the road is a duly filed expropriation proceedings covering the said property.  It is only the courts that will decide the right of the City as against the property owner.  No local executive is above the law.  He cannot put the law in his hands and ignore private property rights.

In the meantime, MANDECOR remains the absolute owner of the said property free from any restraint from to exercise acts of dominion."
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