EDITORIAL | Drug menace

Despite the efforts of the government in abating the country’s drug problem, the volume of drugs seized with each operation appears not to diminish, but to escalate.

These days, the street value of drugs confiscated are now in the millions, instead of the tens or hundreds of thousands in earlier operations.

This may be because the anti-drug campaign has become more effective, that big fish instead of small fry are now being nabbed.

On the other hand, it could also be because the supply of illegal drugs continues, despite the massive and even deadly campaign.

Those in the drug trade also appear to have gotten more enterprising, this time utilizing not only dark street corners and residences for their clandestine transactions but also inns, lodging houses, and motels. Even Facebook, with the speedy communication it offers, has become a site for the local drug trade, with several suspects confessing to having used their personal accounts to contact sellers and buyers.

Whatever the case, it is clear that efforts should not relent until an effective, long-term solution to the drug problem is identified and implemented. This is no longer the time for mere rhetoric, but rather one for concrete action. This is no longer the time for senseless political bickering and protecting personal interests, but rather one for unity against the common enemy. This is no longer the time for social pessimism, but one for real and positive change.

Instead of being desensitized to the reports, let us keep seeing them for what they are: an alarming reflection of the real condition of Philippine society, and especially if our present decisions are wrong or inadequate, a dire prediction of our future as a nation.