Ako Bicol's Rep. Garbin wants to fast-track passage of measures for retirees


MANILA--Ako Bicol Party-list Representative Alfredo Garbin has asked Congress to expedite passage of a set of three bills meant to improve the plight of retirees. House Bills 82, 83, and 86 are Garbin’s proposed measures for retirees.

The House Committee on Government Enterprises approved Garbin’s HB 86 on Monday. HB 86 proposes optional early retirement at 56 years old for all government employees.

“HB 86 also hastens the turnover of government positions to younger professionals, making way for the infusion of fresh blood in public service,” Garbin said.

HB 82 seeks to update the computation of basic monthly pension and to give retirees more say in the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). It is meant to amend the Government Service Insurance Act of 1997 by defining basic monthly pension and increasing the membership of the GSIS Board of Trustees.

Whereas basic monthly pension was previously computed as just a fraction of a government employee’s average monthly compensation at the time of retirement, House Bill 82 moves to have the basic monthly pension equal to the latest gross monthly compensation of the covered employee.

“We must change the computation of government employees pension from the current averaging mode to the gross monthly computation. Binigay na natin sa mga government employees, wag na nating bawiin,” Garbin said during the committee hearing.

“Public officers and employees spent the best years of their lives serving the government and the public,” Garbin said. “They deserve to be given dignity at work for services rendered during their productive years.”

HB 83 is for SSS pensioners and proposes to increase the minimum monthly pension of SSS beneficiaries from P1,200 to P3,200 for members with at least 10 years of accredited service, and from P2,400 to P4,400 for members with 20 years of service.

“There is a need to ensure that the benefits given to covered employees are abreast with current financial realities,” Garbin said.