EDITORIAL | Rep. Fortuno: Champion of teachers’ welfare

It is inspiring that a legislator—from the Bicol region, no less—in the person of Rep. Jo Fortuno, is fighting for the welfare of teachers in Congress.

Having worked for decades herself as a teacher, she has firsthand experience of the struggles and challenges that come with the teaching life.

The extraordinary commitment she displayed towards education, in fact, has earned her many well-deserved accolades.

However, for the maestra from Rinconada, these were hardly enough.

A true champion of education and teachers’ welfare, she is now taking the fight to Congress, where she is urging fellow representatives to consider looking at the plight of teachers.

What sets her apart, however, from the many other legislators that have also lobbied for teachers’ benefits, is that she presents a sound argument, instead of merely romanticizing the profession of teaching.

“Raising the teachers capability to live a fairly comfortable life, will be beneficial to society in the long run. The field of Education will be competitive in attracting the right and the best people to do the job. Then, we can rest easy, our beloved children, whom we rightly love above everything and anyone else—will indeed be in good hands,” she explained.

Indeed, her vision is not only of teachers who are satisfied with their salary, but also of one that is appealing to the best minds.

Moreover, she sees a direct link between the academic performance of students, and the teachers’ feeling that they are well-compensated and cared for by the government.

We admire “Titser Jo,” as she is fondly called by her constituents, for her courage and clear-minded thinking.

Indeed, we made no mistake in choosing her to represent us, as she truly uses her voice in Congress not only for the educators, but also for the youth, and the rest of society.