Basud SB rejects black sand mining

BASUD, CNorte—The Sangguniang Bayan of this town has approved a Resolution expressing their objection to the black sand mining by a company identified as Light of the Gentiles Mining Corporation.

Municipal Councilor Gerry Quiñones, the principal sponsor of the resolution, said that the mining has irreversible ill effects to the environment and the livelihood of the residents of this town.

The resolution added that if black sand mining is allowed, the coastal barangays of Mangcamagog and Taba-Taba would suffer the most.

This is apart from the fact that the coastal barangays has a Marine Protected Area that serves as sanctuary of various organisms.

He cited as an example the exploitation of black sand in Cagayan, where no less than eight towns were severely affected by the massive mining operation.

Earlier, Quiñones explained that other towns have also expressed their vehement objection to black sand mining operation.

Records show that as early as 2010, Light of the Gentiles Mining Corporation has already applied for an Offshore Exploration Permit.

Primarily identified as the site of the mining explorations are barangays within Mercedes and this town.