EDITORIAL | Bicolandia’s boundless beauty

Oil on canvas painting
by Jao Deauna

This month’s Peñafrancia fiesta at the heart of Bicolandia highlights the region’s many wonders.

Everywhere you look there is boundless beauty: from the breathtaking processions, the spirited parades and pageants, the mouthwatering local culinary creations, to the myriad of events gathering locals and foreigners to the Maogmang Lugar.

Such beauty satisfies the eyes and warms the heart, inspiring one to not only partake in the sensory feast as a spectator but also to participate in it as a creator.

This, perhaps, is why this Marian festival is one of the most tremendous displays of faith in the world.

We turn every activity—not just the overtly religious ones—into prayer.

Every event is transformed into a spectacle of devotion to the lady whom we affectionately refer to as our “Ina.”

We hope that this year it will be no different.

May we, as Bicolanos, who are known the world over for our passion and ardor, keep the fire in our hearts blazing for our beloved Patroness in whatever activity we join this fiesta.

May we remember that amidst all the merriment, she and her son remain at the center of our efforts and celebration.

Viva la Virgen!