CNorte PSDS faces Estafa complaint

DAET, Camarines Norte — A complaint for Estafa was filed against Angelina Relucio, a Public Schools District Supervisor (PSDS) of DepEd Camarines Norte by her alleged victims, which includes several teachers and other professionals.

Atty. Don Culvera, Legal Counsel of some complainants, said there is a possibility that the complaint may even be converted into Large Scale Estafa, once additional evidence surfaces.

Relucio, who previously served as PSDS of Mercedes and Labo districts, allegedly defrauded her victims of millions of pesos.

Reports say she would entice her victims to borrow several hundreds of thousands of pesos for an alleged investment that would earn 10 percent monthly interest.

The victims claimed they were convinced to invest money knowing that Relucio is a ranking official of  DepEd.

They added that at first, they were able to receive the corresponding earnings from their investment.
However, during the succeeding months, Relucio allegedly failed to show up and make good on the monetary agreement.

In a related development, DepEd Camarines Norte Division Information Officer Tony Ahmad told the media that they received a certification that Relucio has consulted with a psychiatrist, allegedly because she was experiencing anxiety and depression.

Ahmad said they wrote to the psychiatrist, who indeed confirmed that he issued the medical certificate.

However, said psychiatrist clarified that he asked Relucio to return to his clinic five days after her consultation, but she failed to appear.

The doctor said his clinic has no information as to the whereabouts of the PSDS.

Meantime, DepEd Camarines Norte stated that apart from the criminal complaint, Relucio will also be facing an administrative complaint.

Until now, they have no knowledge where Relucio could be located, the office added.