Naga fake license card maker busted

The Naga City police beefed up intelligence operations following the arrest of Errol Enova for counterfeiting security license cards. (Photo courtesy of NCPO)

NAGA CITY — The arrest of Errol Enova y Jacob for counterfeiting security license cards at Barangay Dinaga, here, could lead to the full-dress investigation of security agencies who may have security guards using fake licenses.

Police Senior Master Sargent Toby Bongon, spokesperson of the Naga City Police Office, told the Bicol Standard that Enova was caught redhanded in an entrapment operation while producing fake temporary security license cards.

The suspect was also engaged in the business of laminating, taking of ID pictures, and encoding documents at a small shop.

 “All security agencies operating here will be subjected to investigation by the Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies (SOSIA) to ensure that all guards here possess authentic licenses,” he revealed.

“We cannot discount the possibility that there are security guards who are using counterfeit licenses,” he said.

“Meantime we are still investigating whether the suspect was also producing other kinds of identification cards.”

The 39-year-old suspect from Barangay Pacol, this city, will be facing a criminal complaint for violation of Article 172 of the Revised Penal Code ((Falsification by private individual and use of falsified documents).

He is presently detained at Police Station 1 here, Bongon added.

The spokesperson further warned other enterprising individuals involved in similar business that their intelligence operations have been intensified following this incident.