'Executive Prerogative,' Mayor Legacion strikes back

NAGA CITY—“Executive prerogative.”

This is how Mayor Nelson Legacion answered the media when asked why he did not sign the renewal of the contract to teach of former First Lady Farrah Bongat.

“Paghale niya sa pagka alkalde,” he said, referring to former Mayor John Bongat, “garo kabali naman si Madam Farrah.”

“Dai ko aram na may arog kayan na intensyon na matada,” Legacion added.

It will be recalled that yesterday, Bongat confirmed in an interview that he and Legacion already had a “gap.

One of the incidents which exacerbated the falling out was when Legacion refused to renew the contract of Farrah Bongat to teach at the City College of Naga.

Apart from Farrah, Legacion also did not renew the teaching contract of James Refugio, who also served as City Youth Administration during Bongat’s term.

The former mayor asked, “Why are we being ostracized?” referring to how he feels he is being treated by his political allies who are now occupying the top positions in the City Hall.

“In fact, even before my term ended, renovations were already being carried out in the office,” he added.

This did not sit well with Bongat.

Meantime, the same was vehemently denied by Legacion in an interview this morning.

“Matabang na talaga,” Bongat said, referring to his relationship with his former runningmate.

“Grabe man baga si pagdupa ko para maging Vice Mayor siya. Nagngalas ako ta pakatapos kaini, arog na sana palan kayan. I never expected this thing to happen to us,” Bongat explained.

“To be very honest, sa mga nangyaring ini, mayo pa daw nin gap?” Bongat concluded.