EDITORIAL | Traffic in 'Naga na'

The responses that Bicol Standard was able to elicit from its social media followers on the issue of traffic in the City of Naga are heartening and upsetting at the same time.

They were heartening because they showed just how much Bicolanos care about the queen city of the region.

While there were some netizens who treated the subject in jest (as Filipinos are often wont to do), the rest offered sincere and serious solutions. These range from smarter use of the traffic light systems, to coding schemes to strict implementation of existing traffic rules.

Even more promising, perhaps, is that many of these suggestions come from the younger generations—the same group that many incorrectly believe to be indifferent or apathetic to social issues.

Meantime, the reactions were also upsetting—infuriating, even—because they expose just how much the local officials are remiss in their duties to ensure smooth traffic flow.

As some netizens pointed out, heavy traffic may be forgivable if, and only if, it occurs despite the strict implementation of traffic rules.

This is obviously because the number of people in the city of Naga is growing; there is bound to be some sacrifice to accommodate the rising population and the city’s development.

However, what is patently a lenient and whimsical implementation of the traffic rules in Naga, coupled by an apparent lack of meticulous and intelligent urban planning, allows no space for tolerance and understanding.

After all, isn’t this the seat of good governance, the Maogmang Lugar, the city that smiles to the world? Isn’t this a city so progressive, so vibrant, so amazing that it asserts itself and distinguishes itself from the other cities in the Philippines and even the globe?

Isn’t this Naga na?