EDITORIAL | Let teachers teach

Rep. Mujiv Hataman’s suggestion to spare teachers of the excessive reports struck a chord among many Filipino educators this week.

Many teachers welcomed the Deputy Speaker’s idea, which they labeled as attuned to their plight and in touch with reality.

Indeed, relieving educators of the mountains of paperwork, and letting them simply teach, could be the answer to our enduring educational woes.

To add to the congressman’s suggestion, however, we propose reducing the number of supplemental responsibilities of teachers, especially in the implementation of the various government programs that involve students.

This will allow teachers to focus on the job for which they earned years of training, and for many, landed after decades of idealistic dreaming.

Already, teaching carries with it a host of duties. These cover not only discussing lessons inside the classroom, but also checking towering piles of papers, updating the parents or guardians about the performance of the student, and even counseling, among many others.

Overburdening them with anything that can possibly fall under the category of “related tasks” is a disservice to the students, and Philippine education in general.

We say: Let teachers teach.

Let them shine brightly as the beacons of hope that they are for the Filipino youth.