CNorte State College soon to be university

DAET, CNorte—The Camarines Norte State College (CNSC) will be a University this week, a month after the Office of the President received the bill from the 18th Congress, and if President Rodrigo Duterte does not veto it.

This is according to CNSC President Rusty Abanto, who added that he is confident the school will soon attain university status.

Earlier, Republic Act 8800 was passed, proposing the conversion of CNSC into the University of Camarines Norte.

"I am hoping the bill will be signed before August 23," he added.

He clarified, however, that the institution will not be able to use the name University of Camarines Norte until it is able to comply with the requirements of the Commission on Higher Education.

Among these is the requirement that 20-25 percent of the faculty has a doctorate degree.

CNSC, he added, is also working hard on the other requirements regarding the improvement of research.

This is to meet their goal of complying with the deficiencies within three to five years.

Abanto further appealed to the local government for assistance in insfrastructure development, for the welfare of CamNorteños.