Clear sidewalks, plaza, seniors urge City Hall

CHALLENGE TO MAYOR LEGACION. Calls to clear this road at Barangay San Francisco, Naga City, which has occupied by private vendors for many years with the tacit consent of local officials, have resonated following President Duterte's directive to rid roads of obstructions.

NAGA CITY — A group of senior citizens here has called the urgent and timely action of Mayor Nelson Legacion to heed President Rodrigo Duterte’s call for national clearing of public places.

In an open letter coursed through Bicol Standard by Jim G. Arejola, President of Seniors United for Naga (SUN), the organization submitted four recommendations that the local chief executive may consider:

First, they seek to “clear the covered sidewalk of illegal vendors leading to the entrance of the Bicol Medical Center and all other sidewalks in the commercial areas.”

Second, they urge to have the city “return the Plaza Quezon to Nagueños by ejecting the illegal business tenants occupying the booths behind the Plaza Quezon stage and convert them to youth and elderly civic centers.”

“The Plaza is a public place and, as such, should be designated solely for the use and entertainment of Nagueños,” the letter reads.

It also notes that “These are blatant violations of Article 424 of the Civil Code, mandating that "public places are beyond the commerce of man" which provides “Property for public use, in the provinces, cities, and municipalities, consist of the provincial roads, city streets, municipal streets, the squares, fountains, public waters, promenades, and public works for public service paid for by said provinces, cities, or municipalities.”

Further, they recommend the removal of the electric poles within roads that have been widened as they pose grave danger to motorists and passenger vehicles.

Lastly, they advocate cleaning the city streets of garbage and strictly maintaining their cleanliness.
The group said they earnestly hope their recommendations would reach the attention of the local government unit (LGU) of the City of Naga and get positive results.

It will be recalled that President Duterte during his recent State of the Nation Address directed LGUs to clear roads of all kinds of obstructions.

Following this, Memorandum Circular 2019-121 from the Department of Interior and Local Government gave LGUs sixty days to remove illegal structure along roads.