TEACHER CORNER | Naga Central School 1 Rondalla serenades Bangkok, Thailand

PINOY AKO, PINOY TAYO! Naga Central School 1 Rondalla, the Philippine delegates pose for a souvenir shot at the 45th ICTM World Conference in Bangkok Thailand on July 11-17, 2019 welcome program in famous Chulalongkorn University Auditorium. 

by Jerry E. Cortas, Jr.
NCS 1 Teacher 1

Armed with their passion and perseverance, Naga Central School 1 Rondalla showcased their talent in the recently concluded 45th International Council for Traditional Music World Conference held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand on July 11-17, 2019.
Being the Champion in the 2018 National Music Competition for Young Artist, Children’s Rondalla Category, NCS 1 Rondalla represented the Philippines in the 45th ICTM World Conference in Bangkok Thailand on July 11-17, 2019. Delegates from NCS 1 were composed of 17 pupils and 4 teachers, Ma. Theresa S. Serilo, Marites A. Imperial, Jerry E. Cortas Jr., and Joyce R. Sales who proudly perform ed a musical repertoire of classical foreign music and all-time favorite OPM.
They played the orchestral music form of the second act of Nutcraker, the classic “Waltz of the Flower”, the most requested songs of the Beatles, the famous “Phantom of the Opera”, a vivacious and happy rendition of “Butchikek” and "Pinoy Ako," which shows Filipino traits and characteristics.
The performance of NCS 1 rondalla was loudly applauded by the members audience from various countries.
Vojko Versnik , one of the delegates from Slovenia, also expressed his intent to invite NCS I to perform in  Europe in 2020.
Meantime, the trainer Mrs. Ma. Theresa S. Serilo said, “I am very happy and proud to them (the children rondalla players), at their young age they were able to perform at an international stage and we really look forward to perform more internationally,”
As the Department of Education seeks to revive Philippine music through Rondalla, NCS 1 continues to train young minds to embrace the values and love for culture and arts.
The Special guest in the event was Her Royal Highness Maha Chakri Sirindhom.
 This year's ICTM was participated in by 76 countries with different musical cultures and traditions from around the world.
It is the first time that an ASEAN country hosted the event.