Mayor Legacion bares new plans for Naga City

NAGA CITY — Mayor Nelson Legacion envisions a better quality of life for all Nagueños.

In his first flag ceremony as local chief executive, Legacion said this has been his longtime dream.

In line with this goal, he bared “Naga na,” the city’s new branding under his administration.

 “Naga na,” he explained, stands for “nalalaoman,” “nasasarigan,”and “nangangataman,” which are only three of the pilgrim city’s many positive qualities.

Likewise, the branding symbolizes inclusive governance, shared responsibility, camaraderie, partnership, and resilience.

When some of the letters are interchanged, Naga na also becomes “Gana na”—showing the city’s winning spirit.

Legacion also recognized that there may be difficulties along the way as he starts his term.

He assured, however, that this dream of a city whose residents enjoy a high quality of living will be realized with the support and cooperation of the constituents.

With this dream in mind, Legacion designated new people to head the various departments and offices of the City Hall.

These include: Mr. Francisco M. Mendoza, Acting City Administrator; Mr. Reuel M. Oliver, Acting Executive Director, Naga City Investment Boardl; Mr. Huberto I. Ursua, Acting Program Head I-Governance Program Office; Engr. Alexander Caning, Acting Department Head, City Engineer’s Office; Ms. Ma. Dolores P. Delos Reyes, Acting Department Head, City Civil Registrar Office; Mr. Nolasco Jesalva, Acting Department Head, City Human Resource Management Office; Mr. Allen L. Reondanga, Acting Department Head, City Events, Protocol and Public Information Office; Mr. Paul John F. Barrosa, Acting Secretary to the Mayor; Mr. Roderick D. Reforsado, Program Director, Naga City Migrants Resource Center; Mr. Ansel Maño, Acting Chief-of-Office, City Procurement Office; and Mr. Jaime R. Reblando, Program Director for Senior Citizen Affairs, according to Administrative Order No. 2019-001.

Meantime, he also called upon the rest of City Hall employees to be faithful to their principles, especially to those which allowed Naga to be recognized as a site of good governance.