OPINION | A Filipino Politician's Conversation with God

A Filipino politician thought he was so powerful he could conjure God if he wanted to. One day he decided he would do just that. He called on God to appear-- and He did! Now most everyone agree this politician was very bad news but nobody was brave enough to stand up to him. The politician knew he was bad which was why he couldn't believe  that God Himself would hear his call and appear.  But God was there alright. 
God asked the politician what the deal was, why he called him. The politician said he was a bit concerned about the state of his soul. He wasn't getting any younger. Heck even getting out of bed in the morning was hell. Looking at the mirror every morning is even worse, although somehow girls still find him fascinating. (Seriously?) Eternity was looking a bit too close for comfort and he was worried he wasn't gonna make the cut for heaven. So the politician asked God what the odds are that a politician from a Catholic country like the Philippines would make it to heaven. After all, he goes to church every Sunday, he prays and, well, he drops an occasional buck or two to beggars on the streets. He also supports the two or three families he now has. He should get credit for that, right?
God just looked at him and said nothing. When he finally spoke He said, you know, Filipino politicians are costing eternity too much. You guys have filled hell to the brim I had to add another extension to fit you in. You'll find Marcos next door.