Comparative SEO services between Philippines and Indonesia

Search engine optimization may be a subject generally uncommon in the public, but it has specific importance in respect of a website’s visibility on search engine results. Therefore this is where the term is derived from. Technical implementation and content marketing strategy play respective role to increase the ranking of the website for particular search by users.

Though there are some emerging technologies to help with search queries such as voice and video for parallel competing share for users’ use and attention when to look up for information and other online activities, text searches are still pretty dominant, in respective of Indonesia and Philippines.

Contextual searches through keywords are still a key to find anything a user needs to satisfy the needs for information and knowledge. The different will be the amount local information and knowledge available for users in Indonesia and Philippines. However, Philippines is obviously ahead of Indonesia for English content growth. Both countries share local potential knowledge and information to be developed for social and commercial purposes. The opportunity is open wider than ever before.

SEO services between Philippines and Indonesia as comparative study can be drawn from value of this keyword in Google Keyword Planner as insight. In Indonesia it costs around USD 5.39 while it costs USD 4.46 in Philippines and the amount of searches (480 versus 320) is comparably higher in Philippines if we take into account the population of each country.

When SEO practitioner targets the audience with such keyword, it will be harder to rank for this keyword in Philippines than in Indonesia because of the competition in the first page. It is certainly populated with websites in English.

This is not to take into thinking that Google ads is related with SEO, but it can be complementary for understanding the demand. At least, we know that there are searches and it has value for digital marketing.

Engaging SEO services can be the right approach to enter into local demand for particular service or good. From language wise, respective SEO agency will help to optimize the website with understanding of local content and language (Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog).

Founded by Charlie M. Sianipar and Tandil Wijaya, GALASEO is local SEO agency in Jakarta for consultation and implementation, working with prospective client to target English-speaking locality by country and city, while also can work with international client to optimize the website for local Indonesian market.

SEO services are combination of technically SEO-friendly website and creativity in developing the contents that resonate with specific audience and needs.

When there is need for SEO services from consultation to implementation, it is good to enter into preliminary discussion to build the understanding and personalization of the needs. There parts of the process that will require the amount of collaborative work to move it forward, which will benefit for term visibility in addition to Google Ads.