Real fear: Electoral manipulation

With only days before the elections, the issue of electoral manipulation remains a nagging concern that just cannot be set aside in the minds of voters.

This is largely due to the fact that there had been no clear resolution to the alleged irregularities noted in the political exercises in 2010, 2013, and 2016, causing doubt to be cast on the results.

The Band-Aid solution to the concern has become simply mustering the courage to renew our trust in the system, and urging ourselves to be more vigilant than ever to protect our votes.

Anti-electoral fraud advocates like senatorial candidate Atty. Glenn Chong even took it upon themselves to produce resources that would educate the masses on how to protect the votes—a blessing, really, as it appears that no such sincere efforts has been seen from the so-called election watchdogs, not to mention the other election aspirants.

Meantime, the rest of us must simply hold our breaths and hope for the best that no questions may taint our election this time, and that the results may truly reflect the will of the electorate.

It is just unfortunate that few people are truly committed to protecting our democracy by protecting the results of the polls—the one true, patriotic, and heroic act we can all do for our beloved Philippines.